Sam Quintal was born and raised in Fairbanks Alaska, in an 18x20' log cabin with no running water. The cabin, as well as all of the furniture in it, a separate workshop, chicken coop, outhouse and wood shed were built by his parents. At an early age, Sam inherited this love of making things, as well as aspiring to his parents' level of craftsmanship. Their ingenuity and work ethic have inspired him all of his life. After hearing a fiddle tune on the radio, Sam began playing violin at the age of six and now makes his living at his dream job as the violist of the Jasper String Quartet. However the pleasure of making music has never completely replaced the joy of crafting objects. While earning a bachelors of music at Oberlin College, Sam created many ad-hoc artworks ranging from snow and bread sculptures and social interaction projects to eccentric bicycles. However formal training would have to wait until pursuing a graduate degree at Yale University, Sam took a year of sculpture classes. Inspired by the excellent teaching and mentorship, he immediately immersed himself in the work, creating pieces that delighted his professors and fellow students alike. Upon graduation from Yale, the sculpture work was put on hold while Sam assembled his workshop and tools, however plans continue to stir.